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Diabetes Juicing Book: The POWER of Raw Juicing

The Death to Diabetes Juicing Book explains the importance of juicing, and how to use the power of juicing to control and reverse your diabetes.

The Death to Diabetes Juicing Book provides juicing recipes designed specifically to attack diabetes, and provide blood glucose stabilization, hormonal balance; and, reduce insulin resistance and celluar inflammation.

The Death to Diabetes Juicing Book provides other juicing recipes other ailments including edema, fatigue, high blood pressure, indigestion, obesity, arthritis, eye problems, and kidney problems. The book also explains how to take your juicing to the next level.

Key topics in the book include:
-- Vegetables and Fruits by Color
-- Juicing for Diabetes and Weight Loss
-- Vegetable Juicing
-- Juicers
-- Juicing ? Where to Start
-- Guidelines for Juicing
-- Introduction to Juicing Vegetables
-- Juice Fasting
-- Benefits of Juicing
-- Health Benefits of Vegetable Juices
-- More Health Benefits of Vegetable Juices
-- Health Benefits of Fruit Juices
-- Juice Recipes for Diseases and Ailments
-- Juicing for Weight Loss
-- Juice Recipes
-- Recipes for Smoothies

Top-Selling Diabetes Book: Death to Diabetes -- The 6 Stages of Control & Reversal

The Death to Diabetes (paperback) book is now one of the top-selling diabetes books in the U.S. This diabetes book is a comprehensive 400-page book (Version 3.0, 2008) that explains the major root causes of Type 2 diabetes and how to properly control and reverse the disease. This is based on an easy-to-follow, systematic 6-stage process, 200 clinical studies/medical references, the science of diabetes, and the experience of an ex-diabetic engineer.

The Death to Diabetes book will help you learn how to:

-- Lower your blood glucose without drugs, using 5 key nutrients

-- Burn fat and lose belly fat

-- Avoid the 7 most common mistakes that diabetics make

-- Save time and money in preparing nutritious meals that lower glucose levels

-- Enjoy exercise in less time while increasing glucose uptake and energy level

-- Use your blood glucose test results to reduce your insulin resistance

-- Enjoy your favorite foods without increasing your glucose level

-- Select quality nutritional supplements based on 7 key criteria

-- Use the wellness protocols to prevent, control or reverse problems with the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart; and, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and homocysteine

-- Control appetite and eliminate food cravings

-- Use your inner spirit to reduce your stress and improve your physical and mental health

-- Work with your doctor to safely wean yourself off the drugs.

In addition, the Death to Diabetes book defines the 5 super foods, the 5 "dead" foods, a Super Meal Model (aka THE Diabetes Diet) and the 7 wellness factors -- all designed to work synergistically to reduce insulin resistance, increase glucose uptake, burn fat, and repair the sick cells.

Death to Diabetes Ebook

The Death to Diabetes Ebook (PDF) provides the information from the Death to Diabetes book, plus additional information "beyond the book" to help reverse, beat, and possibly cure your Type 2 diabetes.

This ebook will help you learn how to lower your blood glucose without drugs, using the 5 super foods; avoiding the 5 "dead" foods/chemicals; and, how to use your blood glucose test results to reduce your insulin resistance; and, prevent the diabetic complications that damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart.

The information in this ebook will help to stabilize your blood glucose/insulin levels, and enable you to control, beat and reverse your Type 2 diabetes. The key areas of focus include nutrition (the 5 super foods, the 5 "dead" foods, the Super Meal Model), nutritional supplementation, exercise, blood glucose testing/analysis, cleansing/detoxification, emotional/spiritual health, support, stress reduction, wellness planning, doctor appointments and critical blood tests. This ebook also defines the key super foods and nutritional supplements to help nourish, cleanse, protect and balance a diabetic's body. It also defines the specific foods needed to initiate the body's repair process.

The expanded version of this ebook is more detailed and comprehensive that provides more detail in the areas of superior nutrition, glucose testing, stress reduction, and planning.

Key sections include:
1. The 6-Stage and 10-Step Diabetes Wellness Models
2. The Health Benefits of Bright-Colored Foods
3. Grocery Shopping and Food Tips
4. How to Fight Food Cravings
5. Dining Out Guidelines
6. Recipes (70) of super meals, snacks, smoothies, desserts, etc.
7. Recipes (8) for juicing
8. Blood Glucose Testing and How to Use the Calculations to Reverse Your Diabetes
9. Descriptions of the Diabetic Complications for the eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, and cardiovascular system, plus the root causes of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high inflammation.
10. Diabetic Wellness Protocols with specific steps, procedures and identification of the specific foods and nutritional supplements needed to maintain the health of the eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, and cardiovascular system, plus how to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high inflammation without the need for any drugs/medications.
11. Alternative Healthier Foods (Chart)

If you are diabetic, and your goal is to beat and reverse your disease then, we strongly recommend that you get the expanded version of this ebook.

Death to Diabetes Diet Cookbook

The Death to Diabetes Diet Cookbook provides more than 150 recipes of super meals, beverages, smoothies, desserts, and snacks to provide some diversity and help diabetics manage their diabetes, based upon the Super Meal Model (aka The Diabetes Diet). The book provides more than 150+ recipes and hundreds of food tips.

This book provides a variety of meal recipes for stir-fry, casseroles, soups, sandwiches, omelets, and seafood. And, there are culture-based recipes for chili, enchiladas, gumbo, okra, lasagna, and even pizza. And, there are sweet recipes for various desserts including muffins, smoothies, pies, and cakes. There are vegetarian-based recipes for casseroles, stir-fry, tofu, soups, salads, jambalaya, and other vegetable-based meals. In addition, this book also describes how to use spices to enjoy eating your new super foods.

This cookbook contains food tips that help diabetics in their transition from eating unhealthy to eating healthy -- without feeling deprived, and still being able to control their blood glucose and insulin levels. Food Tips provide hundreds of specific food tips to enjoy your super meals, favorite meals, favorite foods and comfort foods.

Favorite food and Comfort food topics include: apple butter spread; beans, beverages; chocolate; desserts; flour substitutes; french fries; ice cream; quick lunches; mac 'n cheese; mashed potatoes; frying meat; pasta; pizza; restaurants; rice; salads; sandwiches; seasoning; sugar and sweets; tea; tofu; turkey; vegetables; yogurt; and, many others.

The cookbook also contains a section with general meal planning strategies and grocery shopping tips that save time, money and frustration.

Note: This book is for the person who needs more healthy recipes and does not need any structure or day-to-day guidance, which is provided in the boot camp program.

Diabetes Books

The following is a list of key diabetes books that help Type 2 diabetes control and possibly reverse their diabetes:

Paperback Books:
Death to Diabetes: The 6 Stages of Type 2 Diabetes & Reversal

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 10 Steps
Death to Diabetes Ebook
Death to Diabetes Diet Cookbook
The Power of Raw Juicing -- Death to Diabetes
Death to Diabetes Boot Camp Program
Death to Obesity Weight Loss Program
Death to Diabetes Super Meal Model Diet Program

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